Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tap...Tap...Is this thing still on??

Well, glad that’s over. ..

Where do I even start?

For those of you who have come back to this blog time and time again in the past year, waiting for an update.. Well, the time has come. 

Wanted to make sure, before I got back to my regularly scheduled programming, that I get to share with you the awesome stuff I’ve been doing over at Spike TV and for Fox’s The Daily. And just in case you don’t have Twitter or Facebook, or in the event you have a real life (unlike me at times) here’s some links for your viewing pleasure:

Jenn's Spike TV "Spare Time" episodes

For those of you who are new to this space of mine, welcome!  You’re officially part of the gang. I can’t promise you my grammar will always be correct. And most likely my spelling will be horrendous. But I assure you, every word written on this blog is heartfelt, deliberate… and brutally honest. So if you’ve come here to spread hate or troll, be gone!.. or someone will drop a house on you! However, if you’re poking around here out of curiosity or you landed here on accident thanks to Google images… well, hopefully you will stick around. Because as I like to say … “$h!t is about to ‘get real.’”