Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh the Places You’ll Go..

This past week has been the first week I have actually gotten to sleep in my own bed instead of a hotel room for a month. That’s because I have spent more time in planes, trains, and automobiles than any person should. Normally, I’d be blogging away about my adventures, but honestly there really hasn’t been much down time, and when there was, I was spending it with my friends and family that I have neglected for far too long now.

The month of July began with a bang, and not just a metaphorical one. July 4th landed me in Orlando and Daytona with a few of my girlfriends over at the Pepsi 400. Yes, I have an addiction. The following week I spent in Chicago, both for the race and to take in a ball game at the legendary Wrigley field.

In my 23 years on this planet these eyes have yet to see anything that comes even close to the beauty that is Wrigley. Sure, franchises across the country are clamoring to build their brand new state of the art stadiums. But not the Nothside of Chicago. No. They have instead proclaimed their hundred plus year old stadium a landmark. From the old fashioned score board to the Old Style beer to the in-house band, Wrigley field is what America’s past time is all about. The outfield wall isn’t pimped out with ads for Viagra or auto accident repair shops, it’s just covered in a simple green vine and two tastefully placed UnderArmor ads. And I kinda liked it that way. The outfield itself is very picturesque, not to mention the creative seating that the surrounding buildings have added themselves on the rooftops. One of the buildings actually has a roof painted like a Budweiser bottle. Genius marketing if you ask me. And the best part of the day was getting to share the experience with my dad, my friend Will Carroll and his wife Barbara.

The following weekend I spent cruising the Big Apple with my friends Sara and Gavin. Friday night Sara and I were guests of the Yankees as they hosted my hometown team the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Our representative from the Yankees showed us around the ballpark and even gave us a tour of Monument Park. If you haven’t been to a Yankees game, you must go for this very reason. It was great seeing people of all ages finding their favorite players among the “Greats” that had their place in the park. A couple of the Rays players that recognized me from the Tampa games waved as I walked past during warm ups. I can honestly say some of them looked a bit confused when they saw me in the stands with pinstripes, but it didn’t stop them from being friendly. After all, I still have nothing but love for the Rays, but you know what they say about..”When in Rome…?” Well, the same definitely holds true for… “When in the Bronx.” That night, the Rays handed the Yankees their only loss that entire weekend.

The next day after a run through central park (or I should say brisk walk, right Gavin??), I headed to Weehawken, New Jersey to take on my first acting role in an independent film by Poison Apple Pictures. I had an absolute blast working with the cast and crew, not to mention the trailer came out great. I really can’t wait to get started on the rest of the project, so stay tuned for more updates.

After another brief stint in Chicago (and of course a random Sox game), I headed back to my father’s hometown of Indianapolis for the Busch Series at O’Reilly. Will, Barb, a few friends of theirs, and myself met up for dinner Friday night and talked all there was to talk about regarding sports issues and of course catching him up on my latest travels. Saturday was spent primarily at the track, where I helped present a check for Checkers Rally’s pit stop challenge. I absolutely LOVE hanging out in pit row; it sure beats bleacher seats any day of the week! Plus, I get to try out my ever-popular shirts I bring to the track. Everyone seems to be huge fans. This most recent one got laughs, but nothing compares to “Boogity Boogity Boogity.”

The next morning I boarded a plane super early for New Orleans to meet up with some friends for the AFL’s Arena Bowl. San Jose finished off Columbus early in the second half, but it was still great game to watch. Arena football reminds me a lot of college football… minus the school work of course. The fans are super loyal, and the players themselves play with the utmost heart. Sure they can get a little “passionate,” and in the heat of the moment try to “drop” somebody against one of the walls… but hey, that’s what competition is all about, right?..

The following Tuesday I was finally back in Tampa. It felt good to crawl into my own bed, and snuggle up next to my cat… who by now probably had gotten used to the extra space, though she didn’t seem to mind having to make room for me. So now, as football season approaches, I am gonna take the next few weeks to just lay low, and get geared up for fall. My apologies for the absence… and it’s great to be back..

Catch you guys real soon. ;)

Besos, Jenn.

ADMIN NOTE: Check out Jenn's appearance in the promotional trailer for Poison Apple Pictures' Divo Brown