Thursday, September 28, 2006

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Finally, after thousands of requests, Jenn is extremely excited to present to her fans 4 additional galleries of all new, never before seen, exclusive photos to enjoy. Check back this weekend to the Gallery page to see the new updates. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jenn's Guide to Football season: Part One -- The Super Fan

I couldn't help but laugh as I watched Monday night football and saw Darth Vader cheering in the Raiders stands. Maybe his son plays for the team, but last time I checked, "quarterback young Skywalker not." Still, I smiled. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons I live for sports: the Super fan. Hell, even Mr. Two Bits gets a round of applause from me, and that says a lot coming from a 'Nole. There is something about being in the sports experience and sitting with people that embody the spirit of an entire stadium in themselves.

The Glitter boys, the Animals, The Penn State White Out (AKA.. The entire student section), Mr. Head.. Hell, even FIU had some guy that was dressed in blue and gold wrestling tights like a lightweight Nacho Libre. Every school has their own breed of super fan, and those that don't.. should.

One year after its creation, this Warchant-dubbed "Cowgirl's" boots are still kicking, and have a new generation of girls by my side, with hearts of garnet and gold. I often have girls write me and ask.. "How do I become a cowgirl?" Sure, I could just tell them you need a cute smile and great rack, and that could be all the qualifications required.. but I would be lying. Some people criticize us and say you have to have a nude spread to be a Cowgirl and a below average GPA to undergo cowgirl training.. (Buzzer).. EHHHHH!.. Wrong again there. Being a Cowgirl is so much more. Like any other "super fan", as we are referred to, its about capturing the excitement and essence of what its like to be the sports fan. Sure we wear cute outfits, but if you ask my girls what to do on fourth and long, they aren't going to cock their head to the side like the RCA dog. Contrary to popular belief, you can be a female, a decent looking one at that and still know a thing or two about sports.

Super fans catch a lot of hell for doing what they do, and it’s not all fun and Maxim shoots. My Cowgirls take a lot of hell for dressing like they do, people saying its all for the publicity. If that's the case, you probably wouldn't have bothered to notice when we went out to support the FSU Rugby team, the Phi Delt and Pikes intramurals, or when we would be sitting in the rafters of the Civic Center in just our sweats and baseball hats watching basketball. Or when we went to the Spring football game in spite of crappy weather, or hung out and watched the team’s practice scrimmages from a distance after running stadiums at the Doak. It’s simply us taking an interest in our great athletics programs, and what makes our University a great place to spend four years of your life, only to become a ‘Nole for a lifetime. My girls are class acts and treat everyone with respect, because well, that's how they have been raised. They are simply put.. good people. Hell, if they can impress someone like White Dade after his meeting them in person, they can impress anyone. It's not about trying to be the hottest girl on campus; it’s about being among the hottest girls on campus that aren’t afraid to hang with the boys, get dirty, drink a little beer, and talk some sports. And anyone that has met CJ and Allison can vouch for that.

Still..In a recent trip to USF, and a subsequent lurking on their boards, I realized that a group there endures a lot of the same dramas that I do: The Beef Studs. They are often accused of using their superfandom as shameless self promoting, and doing it all for their own recognition. This is absolute BULL @#$% !!!.. (No pun intended.) If they really wanted national recognition, do you think they would be hanging out at a USF game?.. Let's be real. It's all about repping your school, your colors, and your pride. And no one can fault them or any other super fan for that. If that's the case, are you going to tell me that Mr. Two Bits has been doing all of his routines for publicity? No way... he's eighty four years old and isn't exactly trying to get noticed to become the next member of Baywatch. He is there because he loves his Gators!!! (Hey, I never said he wasn't suffering from dementia!!)

In every sense, the Super fans job is to remind everyone that when the going gets tough.. put on your man panties.. get out there.. and get your @$$ back in the game!!!!.. I am a firm believer in a fan's ability to win the game. Its like having an extra guy in the backfield (and no.. I am not talking Canadian football, but you kids have fun, eh?), a sixth man on the court, and that comeback kid in the bull pen, ready to close the door and get that save.

So as you can see, being a "Cowgirl" is more than a hat.. It’s an attitude.

And.. no Drew, I didn't forget the Animals.. ;)