Friday, April 28, 2006

On Rain.. The Animals.. and Why I still hate the Gators

Millie Vanilli said it best when they said “blame it on the rain”.. but even that wasn't a good enough excuse for Wednesday's game. The rain came down in sheets Wednesday.. twice. First before the game, causing it to start nearly 45 minutes late...the second time during the fourth inning. This time for real. The rain wasn't the worst part... it was the lightning. And it was everywhere. One bolt in particular sent the entire gator crew (who had been cheering and carrying on sans coach) hurdling to the back of their dugout... it was priceless.

There was no 'O Canada' which I have come to love. There was no 'Swing Low'. And there was certainly no joy in Dick Howser Stadium, as the lightning struck us out. The majority of the Animals left early.. but no sane person would have wanted to sit in a big metal box with lightning all around.

There were several highlights to the game on Wednesday night... unfortunately none were of the victory variety. I got a personal tour of Dick Howser Stadium and the labyrinth that lay below it, courtesy of Mr. Chip Baker (the Best Short coach of all time) and his adorable daughter Katie (and you too Mad Cow!!).

I got to see the video control room...where I was told, the cameras are ALWAYS on. (**Basically... don't try anything you'll regret seeing on video later, seniors even if it is your last year**). I got to see the coaches’ locker room, where I left some of the coaches’ inspiration notes and some magazines.

I got to see the uniform room where I tried on Buster Posey's jersey (OK, Animals, insert banjo music here!!!) :), the clinic, the locker room.. empty of course.. SIGH :( You name it. The most impressive part of the tour, besides getting to peek out the dugout (--NOTICE: I did not go into the dugout, per Keith Hernandez -- should he find this) was by far the trophy room. That was amazing. To see all the different awards, the parts of FSU baseball's history.. it was just breathtakingly cool :) I also took some pictures with some little leaguers that happened to stop by.. even though they were in the company of a gator alum. ;)

I also got the opportunity to meet one of the guys that started it all. He was with the camera crew that caught me the night ABC and Brent Musberger picked my girlfriends and I out of the crowd. It was a pleasure getting to meet him and the whole SSN crew.

I was especially happy to meet Gene "The Voice" Deckerhoff and Keith Jones. These guys made my night. I told Gene that I used to listen to him announce the Bucs games when I was younger while my dad was on the roof hanging Christmas lights (ala Clark Griswald.. and praying he would not fall off the roof). It's just one of those things you will always remember.. you know??

I also got to hang out a little with my good friend Joe Garcia. He is always so busy with all he contributes to the athletic program that he rarely gets a chance to sit down and take in a game. So it was a nice surprise to hang out with him even if it was just for a few minutes

And of course, no FSU sporting event would be complete without getting to meet FSU's greatest fan by far, President T.K. Wetherell. Ladies and gentlemen, after that, my job here at Florida State is complete.. I can now graduate a happy cowgirl! Or maybe stretch it out... one more football season.

PS....And.. as much as it pains me to say this. Congrats to the gators.. Your team played well, especially the guys in blue (and I am not talking about your players!) Just kidding. :) So.. live it up now guys.. We will meet again..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Lecture on Subjects.. and Objects

I was asked to be a guest speaker in a student public relations class one day last week. The overall theme was "Women's Bodies in Cyberspace" and I was to lecture about my own personal experiences regarding this topic. Hopefully, if you are reading this, you are already familiar with my story, and know about the crazy turn my life has taken in the recent months. This is exactly why it made me a perfect candidate to present this topic to a classroom of my fellow students. It was kind of intimidating, being that I am not that great of a public speaker, and also that this subject was very personal: speaking about myself, perceptions of my "sex life" and the price of notoriety. The kids (I say kids, though most were still like 18-20) were an awesome audience and I think they related to what I was going through pretty well.

I tried to explain to them what it is like to go through the things I have experienced in the past few months, equating it to high school. We all remember how cruel kids could be back then. I told them to imagine that, but at a national level. People who don't know me, have no clue about me, except from pictures they may have seen on the internet, insulting me, based on nothing but a perceived appearance. So is life. I told them that there will always be trolls that have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than waste their time tooling away at their computers and insulting you as someone they will never meet. But I told them they have two options, they can either feed the trolls, or ignore them & deprive them of air until they are forced to crawl back under the bridge from which they came.

The most enlightening comment I had though, came from the Devil's Advocate position, played by the professor. He asked me: "Do you ever feel like just an object? Don't you feel like you are being exploited simply because of how you look?"

I thought about it.. and told him... "No, I consider myself more a subject than an object. There is a difference between being a subject.. and an object. An object has no control over its environment and its situations.. I on the other hand have control over my direction and my destiny. If I don't feel a project is right for me.. or if I am not comfortable in a situation at lets say .. a photo shoot.. I have the right to walk. I have the last word, because it is my life, and I will not be a bystander in it, but an active force."

The Tallahassee Democrat actually covered my lecture, as a part of their print article on me and my playboy shoot. I never thought they would actually host almost the entire lecture, but they did. As I said earlier, I am not the best public speaker.. nor do I claim to be.. but it was a great experience being able to speak to my own peers about all the things that have happened as a result of being an sudden internet force. I intentionally spoke in my normal casual way instead of a more formal approach, but only because of who my audience was. I am relaxed, and just a normal kid.. and I wanted to make sure that my audience knew that, despite everything that has taken place in the past few months.. I am still just like all of them.

I have gotten many letters regarding my lecture to the class, the majority from young women. They basically told me that I made them reconsider the way they saw models, and that it was good to see a woman who was so comfortable in her own skin, that she could come into a class and face her worst critics, her peers, and herself. Their praise and understanding meant more to me than any magazine shoot or any web page, because it came from them. It came from the student body at Florida State. It was nice to felt wanted, but more so, just understood. For the first time in months I felt just like one of them. Thanks to the public relations class that let me come speak. It was the best psychotherapy session a girl could ask for, because it let me get out everything that has been bothering me these past few months... and it let people see the real me. The girl that used to cry about all the negativity, until she realized it was ruling her life. The girl who was only seen as a pretty face and not for what she could possibly contribute to society. The girl who faced it all, and in the end will come out on top... Thanks to people like my audience. Thank you for understanding.. me.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Take me out to the ball game....

So.. Sunday I experienced baseball as I had never experienced it before: I sat among the Animals of Section B. I was absolutely blown away by their renditions of familiar songs, parodied of course, for FSU baseball. My particular favorite was the song about the short coach (done of course to the "Small World After All" theme.) There was just something about their heckling that was almost... i dunno... ARTISTIC. It is one thing to scream obscenities.. it is quite another to come up with witty (and for the most part PG-13) chants/songs. Their fearless leader (one Mad Cow.. Drew) and fellow animals... welcomed me with open arms.

Sure.. I have been in college four years, and am still having difficulty spelling the word Noles with my arms.. (even with hand-over-hand assistance)... but they still love me. The N-O-L-E-S chant was a little difficult for me.. as I have no coordination whatsoever. (thus, I am not an athlete).

Still, it was an honest attempt... and I am still working at it. It of course didn't help that I practiced it in front of a mirror.. but that is irrelevant. ;) And.. it definitely didn't help that while I was doing the cheer the guy in front of me did his own.. I believe it was... B-O-O-B-S!... Hey.. can't blame the guy for trying.

My parents called mid way through the game to tell me that they had seen me on TV.. and to quit copying their team's cheers. They happen to cheer for the guys that look like they had stolen FAMU's uni's. You can't fault them for genetics... I guess I have just crossed over from the dark side. (May have something to do with a certain evil Miami blogger... who I will not mention.. as his fifteen seconds of fame have come and gone.. all at my expense) :::cough::: haters.

The Animals rendition of Canada was quite heartwarming.. although, I don't know the words. Might have something to do with the fact I am from as deep south as they come. The anthem should really include the word "about" (or "Uh-Boat")... I don't know.. for comic relief or something. Regardless, they did pay a nice homage to tradition.. and to the country to the north. (*Robin Williams calls this.. the loft apartment over a really great party!*) ;)

So.. to the people I met Sunday.. Thank you for showing me why not to hate baseball anymore. I must admit... I had an extreme hatred for the game. I could never get into it... as I dated some players in highschool. (If you have never been to a highschool baseball game.. it rates right up there with having a root canal if you ask me... OH THE HUMANITY!!.. OH THE ERRORS!!!) Even the players were entertaining (doing their dances in the dugout). There is just something about FSU baseball.. that is so different.. so.. entertaining.

Sure.. it's not football season.. but its a good diversion until then. I can't wait to go to the game on Wednesday (against the swamp lizards).. and show the kids what I have learned.. been practicing like a young jedi, I have.

The Spring Weekend Fiasco.. and When Bad Shots happen to Good People

One of Florida State's many traditions as a Top Ten Party School has always been Spring Weekend. Basically, they take the frattiest of the fratty... transplant them onto Panama City beach…hand them lots of alcohol and tell them to "go play, and have fun!." I somehow got roped into attending this fiasco by a friend of mine. Don't get me wrong, part of me was curious about the Spring Weekend experience, while the other part said…"RUNNNNNNNN!" There is just something about a bunch of alcohol and half naked people that is bound to cause drama. And it is just not my scene.

I was having a pretty decent time, sipping on my one and only drink on Friday....when I noticed my girlfriend…becoming progressively more intoxicated. Being the great friend that I am, I put her needs before mine, and promptly cut myself off. I am obviously foreseeing that day’s later events.
No swami could've predicted the crazy and erratic behavior I witnessed the rest of that day. My girlfriend was out of control: trying to teach boys to play football (and getting knocked in the face with one... does anyone else see the Brady Bunch irony in this?), walking up to other people and stealing their sunglasses, drinks, you name it, and... losing my beach towel, among many other personal items of her own.. including the bathing suit she had on. I tried locking her in the room to sleep it off. I even barricaded her in there with everything I could find. This chick was like Houdini!!!!.... Who knows how she escaped.. but she did. I must have put an "If found please return to Room # " tag on her.. because no less than half an hour later.. she was back.. and missing parts of her bikini. By this point I had had it. She was soooo grounded.

After getting her settled, and forcing her to sleep it off, I went to Hooters to clear my mind. I know…most guys at this point are going.. “Dude.. That's WHAT I do!... but the wife never believes me!”. A single beer later, I return to the hotel.. and try to sleep. HA!.... Right. These people are like zombies.. it was night of the living dead.. and none of them would just PASS OUT!... Finally I somehow managed to catch a few hours of shut eye... only awaking to my girlfriend calling to tell me she was lost (she was on the floor below us).. and that I needed to come find her. The price of being the only sober person on the beach.. :( How did I wind up with THIS job???

We left sometime around three the next day, after my girlfriend had somewhat recovered from her partying the day before. (I am not at all about vomit.. so she was NOT going to do it in my car.. unless she wanted to walk home). I was so relieved to be back in Tally, especially in time for the Famous Animals of Section B tailgate, which consisted of mucho tequila and a wiffle ball game (in which the batting.. and pitching.. and over all athleticism decreased in correlation with the amount of alcohol the player had consumed).

The guys and gals of Section B.. and the LR were awesome. Its like having a party with your closest friends. The best part of course, was getting the chance to hang out as myself.. and not as cowgirl Jenn. Don't get me wrong, I love my hats and outfits as much as the next person.. but sometimes a little break is nice.

I was supposed to work that night, but the city of Tallahassee was in a shortage of drunks that night, which roughly translates was dead. So.. I got cut.. and sent along my way. Somehow my friends and LR compadres ended up at Ken's, which I had never been to until that night. The staff there was awesome.. and was really happy to have my friends and I in their presence. They even asked me to sign a copy of my Playboy they just happened to have in their bar. Um.. kinda AWKWARD... but nonetheless, just flattered they recognized me.

We then V.I.P'ed it over to Yanni's next door... which was the “best worst” decision EVER. I taught Fallyn why Florida State should have been the number one party school in the nation. I am sure her drive home to Virginia the next day sucked... but hey.. at least she'll always remember me. LOL. Anyways.. we had a great time.. despite the crazy heat in that place.. and the abundance of 80's music. Two of our own even dance battled each other to Michael Jackson's BEAT IT. (You think the boy-bander would've had the edge, but I think the other may have one upped him.. I'm sure a second meeting is in order to determine the victor).

Anyways.. a great time was had by all even though I am sure many of us hated life in the morning. However, it is only a small price to pay to the party Gods. I was just glad I got a chance to hang out with everyone.. and spend time with friends and the people that matter to me. It's nice to know I can still go out and have a quasi-normal life, despite all the craziness that has happened in these past few months.

For all the friends I got to see Saturday... I can't begin to tell u how much I have missed you guys.. you make me long for the tailgates to come. For those that couldn't make it.. you better not punk out next time…because Tallahassee misses you.

Until next time.. Stay classy Tallahassee.. ;)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gotta love a spring football weekend!

So.. is there a certain protocol you have to follow to write your first actual blog entry?.. I dunno.. I'm new to this whole thing so "bare" with me. ;) (These are the jokes guys..)

I'll spare you the drama of the early years.. and the monotony of listening to all the crazy things that have transpired in the past few months leading up til now. (And for anyone who needs a crash course... because you have no idea what brought you here in the first place... check out my "about me" bio and my links section. That should give you a good feel on who I am.. my personality.. etc.)

If you haven't figured it out by now.. I am extremely sarcastic, but only as a means of trying to make people smile. I am the queen of oneliners, cliches, and hook phrases, so if you don't like it.. now would be a good time to exit.

So.. now that you have clicked on the links.. and figured out who I am.. and why I am here.. I can begin to tell you the craziness that is this week.

For those of you that don't know, my official Jenn Sterger website launched this week. I'm really proud of it.. and my web guy Mike did a fabulous job. And of course.. I have to thank Roger, because the site wouldn't even be in existence without all he has done for me. The site is a far cry from my CowgirlNation website (which will hopefully be updated very soon)... because I wanted people to know that there is more to me than a few strings and cloth. The pictures on my site... show the real me. Don't get me wrong, I love girls in bikinis as much as the next person, but I wanted to show some versatility. Plus I wanted a site, where people could find my pics, and not get fired if they opened them up at the office. :) ** NOTE to all hormone driven males.. it may be in your best interest to not open CGN at work.. just an idea.**

Second on the agenda was the Playboy release, which took place Friday. I'll admit.. I was pretty nervous about all that. But, a friend in new york sent me a scan of the page to assure me. It's by no means a bad picture. I've already gotten a lot of response about it. You know.. the usual: Some love it.. Some hate it. Regardless, it was tastefully done. People have asked me why I didn't do full nude. I have always come from the school of thought that if you give them everything on the first try.. they won't be begging for more. So.. a little something left to the imagination... isn't necessarily a bad thing. Would I do full nude?.. I dunno. It's definitely not a priority right now.. but.. never say never. Bob Barker says it best when he says... If the price is right!...

Saturday... The Big Spring game (you know.. offense vs. defense). The defense of course dominated.. because.. that is what our defense always does. There were some killer plays however.. including an amazing catch... that was caught three times... actually juggled.. LOL. A couple of random scuffles... even an injury. A few guys got laid out hardcore. Geez guys.. lighten up.. THESE ARE YOUR TEAMMATES. I'd tell u more.. but then what would I write my SI article on? I got to learn the new players. Even met some of their parents.. who were super cool btw. Tailgating was a blast.. as usual. My locker room friends never let me down: Jax, with the AMAZING burgers.. Manic and Mom Foley for the chili and Family Guy.. The Garnet tux guy (sans Gold tux guy.. and the burger king man)... and the many others. Check out some of the pics for the fun you missed!!!..

On a side note, a certain friend of mine.. actually asked me later today.. if "we had won." I looked at her a little strange... and said.. what is this "we" business. She said.. "Duh..Jenn.. the Seminoles." I wasn't about to try to explain it to her.

Fox 13 from Tampa came up and shot a nice little news piece on me. No clue when it will air.. but they said sometime during the first week of May, end of April. (I'll keep you posted). Also, a TV news team from First Coast News in Jacksonville came over and did a surprise interview as well, check out the link and the video.

The best part of today.. aside.. from spending it doing what I love most (watching football).. I got to spend it with my dad. I don't get to see him all that often, because he travels.. and I go to school in Tally.. so for him to make the trip up to meet all my warchant friends was extra special for me.

Anyways.. I am off to work now.. I still have a job.. because my mom and dad want me off their payroll as soon as possible. Should be an interesting night.. with all my friends in town!!!... :) Take care until next time.

Quick update..check stores this weekend!!

Hey all, schedule has been nuts, time for a quick update...the Playboy edition should be out this weekend, I have heard in some newstands in the NY subways they have been selling it for a few days now...but check stores this weekend and it should be out...

I'll have a full update this weekend from the Garnet and Gold game..thanks again for the comments!!


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My first post!! Welcome to Jenn Sterger's Blog!

Hey everyone! So many people on facebook and myspace have said I should start a blog...if only to capture all the crazy stuff that has happened to me recently, and all the things I deal with every day!! My life is insane!! So, I'll give this a shot and see what happens...I hope you like it!! I'll try to post as much as I can, come back often and let me know what you think!!

Love ya!!
<3 Jenn

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