Sunday, May 21, 2006

Start Spreading the News... Cowgirl Takes Manhattan!

I now understand why they call NYC the city that never sleeps, because I can honestly say I might have slept a grand total of 24 hours the entire time I was there May 14th through the 18th. You'd think with the whole not sleeping part, I would've at least had a chance to take in the sites and sounds of the city! But honestly, my trip consisted mostly of business, business, and oh yeah, more business.

I got there Sunday (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!), attended a meeting, and then went to a huge party later that night. While I was at this party, I got my first taste of "Hollywood" and probably heard some of the lamest pick up lines I have had the privilege of receiving in a long time. Who knew there were so many producers, lawyers, agents, actors/actresses, and directors in NYC, let alone in one place at one time? Don't get me wrong I'm sure there were plenty of legitimately important people at this shindig, but I am gonna venture out on a limb and say that there were definitely a few piggy backers in the crowd as well. The presence of the piggy backers raised the "creep factor" (as I have come to call it) to a "code orange." There were a couple of “normal” guys in the crowd, or as normal as they could be, I guess, for having been a teen heart throb for most of their lives. I met Joshua Jackson, who, all in all is an absolute sweetheart, and an extremely funny guy. Anyone who can put up with my bad Canada jokes, my calling him Pacey, and telling him "don't worry, the Skulls didn't completely ruin your career" is OK in my book. I actually had a lot of fun hanging out with him, and some of his friends from NBC (who promised me they would continue to mock his “Canadianism’s” with some of my crazy one liners I gave them regarding loft apartments, Cannabis references on their flag, and considering curling a sport). This also accounts for the fact I rolled into my hotel room at 5 in the morning with the worst case of hiccups ever, from laughing at each others horrible jokes. I also happened to spot some of the Family Guy's voice talent like Alex Borstein while walking out of the after party that night, but all I could muster was a single "Giggity" and professed my undying love to their show and Seth Green.

The next day, Monday, I met with the kids from Town Tavern at the Pub across the street, where I was recognized by the local off duty firefighter convention that had assembled there after their shift. Murmurings of "That's the FSU chick" and "Holy crap, that girl is on my desktop" were kind of humorous at first, but more obnoxious as the drinking ensued. Monday night was definitely fun, because I actually got to relax a little, and spend some quality time with a good friend of mine, Eric Gillin. We went to probably the coolest drinking spot I have ever been too, this quiet little speak easy from back in the prohibition era. The drinks were awesome but the company was better. It's nice when you can hang out with people who are as sarcastic as yourself :) Alas, I will never be able to find that place again, as it was so hush-hush, and the fact that I am about as good with directions as the president is at looking for a corner in his oval office.

Tuesday was all work and no play, or at least until I headed out for an evening appearance at the Town Tavern in Greenwich Village a local FSU alumni headquarters. But first I had an interview with the Covino and Rich show on Sirius Maxim Radio channel 108. I must say these guys cracked me up, how they tried to work me on some gossip I was holding out on.. but I think I held my own pretty well. I mean.. I did quote anchorman and the family guy. :) PS.. I am still convinced the Cavino looks like Mario Lopez.. or perhaps fez from that 70's show.

Later that night, it was time for Fabi and I to hit the Town Tavern for our appearance. We had an absolute blast there with all their staff and patrons, and brought the spirit of Tallahassee with us, in the grand tradition of flip cup and beer pong. Call me sentimental, but it almost made me miss Tally... almost. We ended the night with the cowgirl rendition of Coyote Ugly, complete with shot pours. I even donated my jersey to the bar to raise money for a charity during football season. All in all it was an awesome time.. Hopefully we can do it again once football season starts up. Hey, who knows?? I may be watching more games from NYC than from Doak... :( Don't worry though; I am currently seeking reliable replacements should this be the case.

Wednesday was the culmination of the week's worth of long but productive meetings... with the Maxim party at the Buddha Bar. It was definitely the coolest party by far I had ever been too. I didn't want to be the kid that has never been there.. but.. I was the kid that's never been there. There were cameras everywhere. For some reason, everyone kept calling me Lacey.. I finally put two and two together and realized that I did in fact resemble Chabert that night, so odds are if you find pics of "her" from that night, you might be looking at a cowgirl in disguise instead. Fabi and I had an absolute blast and got to hang out with all kinds of interesting people. The guys from Sirius Maxim radio were fun as always, and I proved to them that girls can still look hot, and rock a pant suit. We rehashed our MFK conversation from my interview the day before, and I apologized for causing the demise of their relationships with their girlfriends, as a result of said interview. The party itself was too sweet... even though partying just really isn't my scene. I did feel kinda like a high-schooler again, getting all dressed up and going to prom, you know? Somehow, I doubt this is the last time I will attend something like this though... so some shopping may be in order.

Overall, NYC was a fabulous and very productive trip. I am sure I will have some more news for you on its outcome in the coming weeks... so stay tuned guys.. ;)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Quick Moderator Update

Hey all,

Jenn's been really swamped these past few weeks getting ready for a busy May travel and appearance schedule...check out her News page for up to date details on these appearances. Last night she was in week she'll be up in NYC at various venues, so check back soon...she's already writing her next set of blog entries and will have them ready to post very soon.

Jenn has started doing some scouting for future cowgirls to be featured on So.. if you are a female between the ages of 18-25, send your pictures (swimsuit, modeling.. NON-NUDE!!!!), physical stats (height,weight, measurements), and some brief bio information to Applications will be screened on an individual basis. The pictures and information requested are for evaluation purposes only. They will not be posted on the internet or released to a third party. Finalists will be notified for further background screenings, etc. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!

Thanks for stopping in and look for new posts shortly!!