Friday, January 30, 2009

Jenn Sterger takes Tampa a day at a time - Super Bowl Blog #1


Hey everyone...well, this will be a busy week for Jenn as she has a full plate of Super Bowl events to attend and report on, courtesy of and Let's see...4 days and nights of parties, followed by the actual game itself Sunday night...sounds like Jenn will be busy having a blast and I'll be busy updating the blog!! :)

Anyway, here is Jenn's report from Tampa for Wednesday night's event...check back daily for more blogs and photos!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SuperBowl blogging with Jenn Sterger!

Hey all!! Jenn is very excited to announce that she will be covering many of the Super Bowl activities from her hometown area in Tampa all this week, courtesy of!!! Keep checking on the link below to get daily updates on the party scene, celebs in town, and of course, the big game itself! Steelers? Maybe....Cards? Maybe...Fantastic parties? Definitely!!!

Click here to read Jenn's first entry! And check back daily!


Monday, January 26, 2009

There Is “No Coffee”

We’ve all gotten that phone call: the one that sends your day into an utter tailspin. That.. “Why don’t we get together for coffee sometime” call. Sure from the outside, it may just seem like an innocent invite, but it’s the person on the other end of the phone that makes this call absolutely… awkward. Your Ex.

Did you hear it?.. That sound??.. Yeah, that was the sound of car brakes screeching to a halt, much like your heart rate, and the rest of the world… or at least yours. There’s nothing worse than a sneak attack, a phone call ambush. Just when you think you’ve gotten to the point where you can honestly say you’ve moved on and are finally picking up the pieces, one ring of the phone can upset the balance of your tiny little universe. Just like that.

What is so wrong with one little meeting?.. You were friends before you started dating. Besides, its just coffee. What harm could an hour of conversation over some overpriced Starbucks latte concoction really do?...

Then your voice of reason chimes in… with an angry bitch slap to the face. SLAP! (That’s gonna leave a mark.) Wake up Sterger!.. This isn’t about coffee. It was never about coffee. Hell, you don’t even DRINK coffee. This is something different all together. What harm could this little meeting cause, you ask??... Hm, I think they made a movie about it.. it’s called The Day After Tomorrow.

I know all this may sound a tad over dramatic, but for those of you who have been following the soap opera that has been my personal life over the past year or so, you can attest that my storyline has been the kind of material that wins Daytime Emmy Awards. (HA! Take that Susan Lucci!!!...) To say my last relationship was a tumultuous one, well.. that would be a vast understatement. There were so many lies, so many problems, and a finale so long and drawn out, that even the flying dog from the Neverending Story would have thrown up his paws and said.. “eff this, I am out.”

I should have prefaced all of this with: been there, done that. Got the really swoot t-shirt. I have had the “coffee meeting.” A month post the initial break up. And we both decided that what we had was worth giving a real honest shot. Only half of us wasn’t being honest, and it left the other one of us.. just doing shots. The bickering went on. The lies went on. And in the end.. the last sip.. we both agreed our “coffee” had gotten stale.

Once coffee’s gone stale, there’s no bringing it back from the dead. Its flat, its bland, there’s no aroma. It’s simply a cup of dirty water. You can put all the cream and fancy sweeteners in a cup of freshly brewed black coffee, but if the coffee itself isn't quality stuff or its turned stale, it's still going to taste like crap.

Revisiting the past is just a bad idea, not only for myself, but for people in general. I’ve spent the past six months of my life cleaning up the mess the other half left behind, and I can finally say I’m on my way to being happy again. Bringing up old memories only sets you back. There aren’t enough psychological drugs or therapy sessions that would ever make my previous situation a viable one, so why even bother?.. Sure, I have my ups and downs, but time heals that. I’ve found myself again, and more importantly, I’ve surrounded myself with good people. People who deserve an honest chance to be a part of my life, and not one clouded by the cream in my stale cup of coffee. It’s not fair to drag a good person into my unresolved situation for the sake of not being lonely. In the end, they’ll simply be the innocent bystander in my mess. And I would never want to put someone through the same thing I’ve been through.

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t drink the stuff. I mean, if you’re looking for the rush there’s always soda, tea, and of course energy drinks. At least they don’t leave you with that awful breath that smells like two-day old bologna. And for this girl they certainly don’t bring about the bad memories like a cup of joe does.

There’s no doubt that the smell of freshly brewed coffee is comforting and familiar. But no matter how good it may smell, to this girl.. it has and always will taste like crap

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jenn Sterger: Jets' Girl Tackles Gridiron


Hey all!!

Sorry for the delay in posting this....Jenn did an interview about her experiences this past season working with the Jets, and how she is adjusting to life in New can read it all HERE

Enjoy!! And keep checking back...2009 will be a busy and exciting year for Jenn...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was on the train to my girlfriend Stacie’s house the other day, when it happened AGAIN. I say again, because ever since the first snow rolled around in October, I have been on a weekly, sometimes bi-weekly replacement program. One of the many ever-so-awesome things about winter are these super sweet hand accessories you Northerners call gloves. But, for a Southern girl with an obsession for texting, I simply refer to them as the biggest pain in the @$$. Sure, they may come in handy when your fingers are frozen and on the verge of falling off. And they’re cute additions to any Santa inspired ensemble, but other than that they are simply one more thing I have to keep track of once I get to my destination. And the fact they come in pairs???.. The absent-minded’s worst nightmare. First it was the ever elusive pair of socks that were always going MIA in the dryer. And now, there were gloves. And unless you are bringing back the days of Billie Jean and Thriller, you better have two of them.

Ever since there was man, it seems we humans have had a knack for putting things in pairs. Whether they be animals on an ark, a pair of gloves, or even bicycle wheels, it just always seemed more symmetrical to find an object’s other half. Maybe that is why in the midst of finding our way through life and our own career paths, we often become sidetracked with the ever plaguing problem of finding our mate. And like that missing sock (or in my case glove) it seems, the more we look for it the less likely we are to find it. So some of us just give up all together.

Sometimes we become so preoccupied in our search for the “one”, that we lose the part of us that makes us who we are. I am no exception. In a time when I’ve watched many of my high school friends run off, get married, and have kids, I often wonder if I maybe… I missed the Ark. Their lives seem so complete and so happy and fulfilled, while mine seems… well, one big chaotic mess. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and would curse the day I had to resort to the monotony of a nine to five, but there is still a part of me that longs for some kind of constant variable to hold this mess together. Some stability??

Turning through the pages of my yearbook, it seemed everyone I knew was settling down. People who never ran in the same circles were suddenly sending out engagement announcements and wedding invitations. Homecoming kings with band dorks, stoners with valedictorians, Quarterback of the football team with the head cheerleader (well, some things really never change). It was the Breakfast Club’s ten year reunion. (!@#$. Has it been almost ten years?.. REALLY?.. ) Some of my classmates have kids that are starting school already. And some of them take their kids to the same pediatrician I still go to in case of emergencies. What alternate universe have I entered???

Why is it that we humans are always pairing off?... All my friends try to set me up with Mr. “I know this guy that is so perfect for you,” when in reality I’m simply reliving the vicious cycle of narcissistic fist pumping Northeasterners that is my dating pool Can you say.. “Check please??”

Every time I would lose a glove, I’d spend half a day or so looking for it, and suffering in the bitter cold, before I would bite the bullet and pony up for a new pair. My dad asked why I didn’t just mix and match pairs or turn one of them around. Was he serious??.. First, gloves were made to fit specific hands so wearing it would only make my hands even more awkward in their operation than they already are in this twelve degree frozen hell. And as for the whole mix and match theory?... Psh.. I am a girl, not Stevie Wonder. I’m pretty sure people expect me to get dressed with the lights on. If I show up with one brown glove and one blue glove?.. Hell, even Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t that fashion forward. It’s like, “hey everyone, look how ridiculously hot I look, as I get my right hand amputated due to frostbite!!!!”

Don’t get me wrong, I see absolutely nothing with settling down. As I said, I welcome the stability. But I am certainly not going to date a blue glove just because I lost the black one. And I’m definitely not going to try to change the other person, or make them fit the mold of what I am looking for. Then no one is happy, because we’re all just trying to be what everyone expects of us. My theory has always been that if it’s right, it will just fit. And if the glove don’t fit, well… then you must split. After all, why settle for something that isn’t perfect, isn’t a real match?.. For the sake of not being lonely???.. That’s no reason to enter any kind of relationship, and inevitably someone will end up left out in the cold.

The great thing about gloves is that while they may get lost by themselves, they’re almost always sold in pairs. And in NYC, they can be found at just about every street vendor. I don’t need the hefty price tags or expensive labels, just that warm fuzzy feeling that takes the edge of the cold winter air’s bite. Besides, when you find the perfect pair that fits you just right, well… you just can’t beat that feeling.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Jenn Sterger once again teams up with the Burly Sports for 2008 video


Hey all!! Quick update:

Jenn once again teams up with the Burly Sports gang to provide the Burly Sports: The Past Year in Sports 2008 video.

Check it out as Jenn "travels" to some of the country's infamous sports towns to remember some of the year's infamous stories...


Monday, January 05, 2009

NY Daily News story on Jenn Sterger


Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a quick update on this article that ran today on the NY Daily News website about Jenn...I know she was disappointed on the premature end of the Jets season, but I know she is looking forward to 2009 and a lot of new things that are shaping up already...we will, of course, have all the breaking news here first!!