Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl, College Basketball and Maxim Parties – The Sterger Tour 2008 is On!


Hey all! After speaking to Jenn this morning and hearing her upcoming schedule, she’s got so many updates for this week, it’s gonna make for an exciting read…so lets get started!

  • It’s Super Bowl week! And that means two things – Super Bowl parties and lots of travel for Jenn. This week, Jenn is off to Arizona to cover some of the preliminary Super Bowl Events for Maxim and Sirius Radio. The big event will be this Friday, with Maxim’s Live Super Bowl party, hosted by Covino and Rich of Maxim Radio. Maxim Radio will broadcast live from the party at the grand opening of Rande Gerber's Stone Rose Lounge at the Fairmount Scottsdale Princess with interviews from the red carpet starting at 11 pm ET. Jenn will be there as their special live Correspondent Interviewer. You can catch Jenn’s Celebrity Interviews Live Broadcast this Friday February 1st, 2008 on Sirius Radio Channel 108 from 9PM to 1AM Mountain time (11PM to 3AM EST). And if you can’t listen live, you can catch the replays all weekend on Sirius channel 108. Rebroadcasts will air Saturday Feb 2nd at 3AM, 11AM and 7PM and Sunday Feb 3rd at 7AM, 3PM and 11PM.
  • Be sure to read Jenn’s behind the scenes inside scoop on all the Super Bowl events and the hottest Super Bowl parties in her upcoming articles on NFLGridirongab.com website
  • Last update we announced that Jenn was traveling to various college basketball venues to shoot segments for ABC”s “The Race to March Madness” show. Her travels so far have taken her to Memphis and Indiana. The first episode will air nationally this Saturday February 2nd @3PM EST. The rest of the "Race to March Madness" shows will air on ABC @ 3:00pmET - Feb. 9, 16 & 23 and Mar. 8 & 15. Be sure to check your local affiliate listings for the ABC channel in your area!
  • In addition to the weekly national ABC broadcasts, Sprint will also have additional behind the scenes video downloads available from her on-location shoots as a part of their Sprint Mobile TV service for Sprint subscribers. Be sure to check those out as well!
  • Speaking of cellular, be sure to check out your cell phone carrier’s screen background selection. Jenn has exclusive photos available for download to your cell phone on most major mobile carriers.
  • March 8th is coming fast! Be sure to set your DVR’s to record E! Entertainment’s special “Byte Me: 20 Hottest Women on the Web “. The show will be broadcast nationally that Saturday at 5pmEST.
  • Jenn’s Myspace page has gone thru an extensive renovation and it looks amazing. The page is locked and loaded with all kinds of new stuff so be sure to check it out…and be a friend!!
  • The Galleries pages on her personal website have been updated as well, with background changes and all new photo selections coming very soon.

Lastly, Jenn wanted to take a second and thank the great people of the Seminole Club of Greater Orlando. They invited Jenn to come down and speak to the members on January 10th. From all accounts, the event was a big success; from the larger than expected crowd to the large number of brand new members who signed up that night and joined the club! All of the money the club raised that night goes back to FSU for supporting Florida State athletics. So, to the SCGO, thanks again for a GREAT event!!

That’s it for now…keep checking back for updates on Jenn’s trip to the Super Bowl and other announcements!! The Sterger Tour 2008 is just getting started!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Resolution to Resolve

I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of making a New Year’s Resolution. Let’s be real. We all say we’re gonna give up that one vice: drinking, smoking, eating Twinkies and entire jars of peanut butter. But seriously, who keeps those kinda lofty goals?... You’ll drink after a long day of dealing with useless, obnoxious coworkers, smoke after…well, whatever it is people smoke after, and consume mass amounts of junk food because let’s face it.. girls “eat their feelings.” Sure, I could say I am going to spend more time at the gym… but then I would have to have my mail forwarded to “Treadmill 3.”And, I could also say that I will blog more often… but let’s face it: You can only bitch about bad trades and men so long before it becomes a little passé.

Then, I started looking through old family photo albums and trunks of Sterger memorabilia while collecting the framework for a future project of mine. It was a scrapbooker’s worst nightmare realized: random photos of random people in random places… in complete and utter disarray. In a word… a cluster@#$%.

These albums had everything. There were the embarrassing baby bath tub shots, where I could have definitely landed the gig as the Michelin Tire man’s infant daughter. The kiddie pool pictures from my grandparents house in Miramar when I was maybe 2.. where it was so hot.. my mom didn’t even bother to put me in a bathing suit. Me getting my first taste of the open road (or neighbors sidewalk) in this sick power wheels Jeep the parents got me, that actually caught on fire thanks to my father’s weak attempt at a do-it-yourself supercharger. And of course, enough Sterger family vacation photos to make even the Griswold’s look like amateurs.

It was a regular “This is Your Life Jenn Sterger” photo montage. But there was something missing. Where were all the high school years?... The project specifically called for pictures from my high school prom and of course from my Marching band days. I searched for hours on end through box upon box of stuff but all I came up with was a serious case of the sneezes from all the dust. Then, it dawned on me. I hadn’t checked “The Suitcase.”

When most girls say they have baggage, they mean it in a more figurative sense, like bad memories of being humiliated in front of their childhood crush, or the first time a boy broke their heart. Mine however, was literal … BAGGAGE: An ugly, green suitcase, buried underneath my bed, behind several pull out drawers of shoes. Until Monday that is.

I had all but forgotten the bag even existed. I mean, it had been buried there since 2002, and I really saw no need to dig up my past. I really had no idea what I would find in this suitcase of swootness (which for those of you who don’t know… is the exact OPPOSITE of sweetness), but I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. That’s because my high school experience was anything but. A series of not so nice boyfriends, a roll call list of frenemies, and of course a non-existent social life outside of the safe haven that was band practice. As I cracked open the case, I was opening my own Pandora ’s Box.

Amid a pile of dried up corsages, a graveyard of greeting cards, and a heap of handwritten notes… there it was. The Truth.

It was like an archaeological dig through my unresolved personal issues. The “best friends” that disappeared the minute things got tough. The popular kids that pretended to be your friends, only to make you the punchline of a sick joke for their own personal amusement. There were the old photos of boyfriend’s past: The fellow band geek, the jock, the drunk, the stoner. It was like “Win, LOSER, draw” THE HIGH SCHOOL EDITION. Each one was totally unique, but all divided by a common denominator: TRUST. It was because of these men boys, that I built the largest wall since the days of the Soviet Union. And why shouldn’t I?... Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. And well, I had been fooled more than that.

But it wasn’t the pictures of the Ex’s that caught my attention. It was more the pictures of myself. I was a chameleon of sorts. I was the preppy geek in the Band shirt I had designed myself. I was the awkwardly shy girl in her boyfriend’s letter jacket sitting at the top of bleachers. I was the trendy clothed sober girl that looked ridiculously out of place in a sea of the beautiful people. I was.. the outsider.

I had changed my look so many times by the time I had graduated; even I had no idea who I was anymore. My appearance never stayed the same for too long, because I was so eager to please others. I was so afraid to disappoint… that I had given up on just being myself. The sad thing was… it didn’t stop at high school. It was still happening.

I let the past dictate who I am, and how I portray myself to the world far too often. And while my exterior has changed, not much else has. I’m still the same insecure dreamer I always was… constantly seeking approval from others. It has affected my family, my friendships, and my love life. I’m scared to trust anyone based on the way others have treated me, and let me down. And while I don’t expect people to feel sorry for me, I do ask for empathy and understanding.

As my trip down memory lane was ending, and I neared the bottom of the case… I discovered a randomly misplaced DVD. I’m sure it had accidentally been tossed in there with all the garbage in one of my mother’s “Clean your frickin room” rampages. I turned the case over.

Random. But appropriate. It had been my ‘go to’ movie during hardships with boys. Maybe because it offered some kind of hope that a guy could like me for all my quirks and weird idiosyncrasies. I put the movie on in the background as I continued organizing my new photos but found myself quickly distracted. And then… it happened.

You know the part…

“I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

That was it. THAT was my New Year’s Resolution. I would put the past where it belongs… behind me. I would move forward with my life, but not forget where I came from. I would learn from the people in my past, but realize the ones in my present shouldn’t pay for their mistakes. I would learn to trust again, because it’s the foundation for so many of life’s relationships. I resolve to be nothing but myself. And if a guy doesn’t like it.. so be it. But at least I would know… who I was. And that.. was really all that mattered.

As I finished up my project, I looked back down at the suitcase beside me. I knew what I had to do. Gathering all the photos and garbage around my room… I crammed the last of my bad memories into the green abomination and carried it down the driveway. And then… I finally did what any person looking for a fresh start does with their unwanted baggage: I checked it with the next day’s garbage.

Maybe its best that “old acquaintances be forgotten, and never come to mind.” If all they did was prevent you from becoming a better, stronger you. We tend to live in the past because most of our life is there. But really, the past is behind us to learn from it. The future is in front of us to prepare for it. But the present is here. So why not live it?... After all, life is a sum of all of our experiences. And while I suck at math…I resolve to make my answer a positive number.

“Never regret the things that once made you smile…. Because at the time.. it was exactly what you wanted.”-- Anonymous

Monday, January 07, 2008

Some upcoming events to feature Jenn


Hey all...just wanted to drop a few tidbits about some things coming up for Jenn in the very near future:

1) Hopefully a lot of you caught Jenn on ABC's Christmas special "Holiday of Stars" that was shown nationally on Sunday December 16th...The special was a look back at the year in entertainment, plus celebrities' favorite holiday memories...Jenn was one of the celebs who got to answer questions with their opinions on "Athletes and their Significant Others" and "Athletes on the Naughty and Nice list this year"...

Well, ABC and Intersport liked what they saw! We are happy to announce that Jenn signed an 6 week deal to work on ABC's "The Race to March Madness"!! Jenn will travel to a different college powerhouse each week to film some background features on college basketball's biggest games this season. You can watch each week live on ABC at 3PM every Saturday starting February 2nd thru March 15th.

Jenn's first assignment takes her to Memphis, Tennessee this week. I have a feeling Graceland may be in the near future for the Sterger Tour 2008! Keep checking back for more information on her upcoming schedule.

2) We reported last month that Jenn was chosen by E! Entertainment to be one of the featured celebrities in their upcoming special "Byte Me: 20 Hottest Women of the Web". The E! crew was in Lutz in November shooting the video feature and interview for that special (of which I still owe you guys some sneak peak pictures I shot of the event)...I just received conformation of the air date straight from the good folks at E! Look for the special to air on Saturday March 8th @ 5PM EST! I believe it is a two hour special, so set your DVR's for a fun event!

3) Also this coming Thursday, 1/10, in Orlando, Florida, Jenn has been invited by the Seminole Club of Greater Orlando to speak to their members about her thoughts on recent happenings with FSU and what's on her plate. If you are a Seminole fan in the Orlando area, come on by and hear the latest on FSU news!