Monday, January 05, 2009

NY Daily News story on Jenn Sterger


Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a quick update on this article that ran today on the NY Daily News website about Jenn...I know she was disappointed on the premature end of the Jets season, but I know she is looking forward to 2009 and a lot of new things that are shaping up already...we will, of course, have all the breaking news here first!!



Anonymous said...

i love you

John Merino said...

What a loss =/ dam I was looking froward to the jets getting all the way this year. At least you stayed optimistic for next year =) I'm thinking next year will be the jets year since this year was a HUGE improvement from last year...

Rui said...

First of all I have to say “Congratulations!” for a great year well spend.
Not any person could conciliate so well both her personal life with her professional one, and you did a great job while trying to balance things out.
Sure there where ups and downs but in the end you came out on top.
Now, saying you look good in green, lest face it, you look great in any occasion, even if you where with a simple t-shirt and jeans you would still look great.
They say you did the impossible, I say you did what comes natural to you.
I wish all the best to you Jenn, and keep showing them that you are the real deal, not just another pretty face climbing her ladder of success, keep showing all does that doubt your talent and your skills that you are where you are now because you fought and worked hard and you had to make your sacrifices.
You are Jenn Sterger the real deal; let all those jealous people and all does hatters see that you are doing your thing with your head up high.