Friday, January 23, 2009

Jenn Sterger: Jets' Girl Tackles Gridiron


Hey all!!

Sorry for the delay in posting this....Jenn did an interview about her experiences this past season working with the Jets, and how she is adjusting to life in New can read it all HERE

Enjoy!! And keep checking back...2009 will be a busy and exciting year for Jenn...


Anonymous said...

Alright! Alright!
Let’s see…
Honestly I’m a bit disappointed with this interview, because really there’s almost nothing new to even comment.
Most of the questions are the same o, same o…
Don’t get me wrong Jenn; it’s nothing about you but rather the guy that did the interview.
Honestly where is the originality in the questions?
The only interesting question that he asked you was about your future projects.
Asking you questions if you think that the team did well in getting rid of the last coach, common what kind of question is that?
I honestly think that they ask those sorts of questions just to see if you slip up and say something nasty, it’s like “Common girl you should at least know a few inside stories, some secrets that will make my day worthy”.
And honestly Jenn that is low, not the lowest of low, but still it’s low.
Why not simply ask questions that are worth asking, instead of wasting your time.
If I were on is shoes I would ask things like:
“Jenn, you’re starting to explore new areas like movies. Are movies your real passion or would you prefer to enter on TV series or are you interested in doing both?”
“You enter on the movie The Tenant. Are we going to see you in new movie projects?”
“You have a real passion for sports, that’s no news for anybody. Wouldn’t you like to host a show mainly on sports? Or if not sports any other area? Do you think you would be up for the challenge?”
“I know that right now you’re living the American dream, but tell me Jenn what are your real dreams and aspirations for the future?”
“Jenn you have the looks but least face it, looks isn’t the only thing that got you here you’re also are a smart person. Do you in vision yourself in areas like fashion, like so many other celebrities?”
“You have a huge number of fans all over the world, and many of them comment on your blog. Could you give us an example of a few comments that in a way touched you and made you stop and think about what that person said?”
“Are you the type of girl that if one day you would come to the conclusion “I’ve done all I could do. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved but now my time is over. It’s time to go back to my roots and create a new path for me out of the spot light” would you be able to simply let it all go? The fame, the spot light, all that as now become your life?”
These are the questions I would ask you.
These are the things I would like to know.
I know you don’t pick the questions that are made to you, but sometimes it seems that they really don’t want to know you at all, it’s like “She’s a celebrity ill just ask her the usual questions” and that not only shows a lack in initiative but also professionalism.
Has always I wish you all the best Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Miss you in the tunnel. hope to see you next year !