Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Link to all of Jenn Sterger's Super Bowl Blogs on

Hello everyone!

As requested in the many emails to our site, here are all of Jenn's blogs she wrote while home in Tampa for the Super Bowl. Below is a list of each individual blog, as well as a link to all of them at the end of the list. So enjoy them all!!

Individual Blogs:

Blog #1: Intro Blog - Tampa Super Bowl blogging with Jenn Sterger!

Blog #2: Wednesday night - Jenn Sterger takes Tampa a day at a time

Blog #3: Thursday Night - Jenn Sterger squeezes into Madden Bowl huddle

Blog #4: Friday Night - Not even Jerry Rice can cheer up Jenn Sterger

Blog #5: Saturday Night - A quiet dinner with Jenn Sterger? Heavenly!

Blog #6: Wrap Up - Jenn Sterger leaves Tampa (and G-strings) behind

Master Link to all posts: All of Jenn's posts from Tampa

1 comment:

Veritas said...

How are you doing Jenn?
Well I hope.
I’ve been checking up on your updates, and although Super Bowl doesn’t mean anything to me for the American people is like something holy.
And because I see it that way I’m not going to even bother to give my opinion of what I thought about that important event; it’s like that old saying “If you’re going to talk, then talk about what you understand, don’t try to be a smart ass just because it’s important to the people that you like”
Alright I’m going to some up all of your latest four updates into one comment entry.
All and all, everything seems to have gone well, you did your job and still had the chance to party at the same time, which is always a good thing, I wish I had a job where I could work and still have fun at the same time but still I’m not one to complain.
So you suck at playing video games, no news there, almost every girl I know also suck at playing video games, they simply don’t have the necessary skills or interest in playing demanding games.
You spoke of the game console Wii, I hope you never make the mistake of buying one of those and for that matter a PS3 also, simply don’t ever buy neither of this consoles, buy an XBOX360 now that’s money well spend.
This is a friendly advice, from someone that knows what it’s talking about.
I know you have your tastes but putting something new on the menu is always a good thing.
Ok, enough about games.
You also had a car accident, you said it wasn’t your fault and I believe you.
But let me ask you these questions. Where was the accident? And because you said it was a three-car collision, where was your car located (in the front, middle or behind)?
Why am I asking this!? Because I like to know details; especially in this type of events.
You said that you had two suspected broken ribs; I’m sorry to tell you this but I doubt that very much.
Why!? Because I also had a car accident where I broke a few ribs and let me tell you, that’s one of the worst pains a person can ever feel, I was in the hospital for two days, and on those two days I was heavily medicated because the pain was so strong I could hardly move.
At worst you had minor concussions on your ribs or even minor fractures, I’m a guy that is accustomed to pain and some of the sports I practice sometimes brings pain, and a person has to have a great tolerance for pain and I don’t believe you’re that type of girl.
Have you ever practice surf, skydiving or even mountain climbing?
If you never practiced neither of these sports, then our understanding of pain is hundreds of miles apart from each other.
I’m not saying that you’re weak, I’m only saying that with your career no one would take chances on you getting worst than you where, so if even after the accident you went to party then that can only mean that it wasn’t that serious; and truthfully I’m glad that it wasn’t, there might be allot of people out there that hate you and only want to see you down, but I’m not one of those; I respect you and hope that one day you’ll do the same for me.
And if having a car crash wasn’t bad enough the day before someone stole your jacket with your camera on it, talk about bad luck; one out of three, the person that stole your jacket is a stalker and in that case you’ll never see either of the objects again, it can also be one of those eBay sellers and in that case you’ll also never see them again or it was someone that wanted to put a jinx on you and needed something of yours (you cant rule that out, after all the very next day you had a car collision) but whatever the case was, most likely you’ll never get them back.
I’m glad you could spend some quality time with your friends, and I also understand your position; you couldn’t had said “yes” to every requests from your old friends and if they don’t understand why you had to say “no” then they are not your friends at all.
And so the party ends, one more journey in your life was fulfilled and now you have to prepare yourself for what it to come.
It’s a never ending cycle you see; you walk the road that you didn’t chose but rather the road that was putted in front of you and you have to continue on, we all have to.
Don’t mind the hatters and the jealousy around you, that’s the price of fame; but rather draw strength from people like me, that admire you and wish all the best to you.