Thursday, May 01, 2008

On the Level Part Deux… Or Something Like That

While I’m trying on different cities, and tripping the life fantastic.. or whatever the hell they call it.. be sure and check out the latest installments of Rapido Productions “On the Level Two.. The Search for Spot’s Nussie.” I kinda glossed over it in my last blog and have gotten a lot of letters regarding what in the hell I was talking about.. and who were these doofuses.. and where was I in the films I posted.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, well… I guess you’re one of those people that still wears stonewashed jeans…or thinks Rick Astley is finally receiving the recognition he deserves. You’re also…Lame…………

Maybe you should come hang with the cool kids at Maxim Radio, Sirius 108. BTW—if at any time during this blog you see a word that confuses you, feel free to look it up on I can’t slow down long the world and people want others to take notice… they march. They march for peace. They march for pride. They march to free people, boobs.. so why not Spot’s inner beast??.. Being the producer of a national radio show, one that caters to the American man in sports, girls, and all things manly… Spot has seemingly become the anti-mascot. The ‘what not to wear’. The ‘Pussification of America’ in all of its glory. On January 7th, 2008 Covino and Rich challenged Spot to go out.. and get the girl. But that’s not the worst part. Spot could not … well, you know.. (use your imagination perverts)… until he got the girl. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

Being a good friend of the show and the fellas, I’ve spent countless hours trying to help Christian find the courage to “get the girl,” whether it was at a local pub in the city, or a cute hometown hottie on the show. The worst single event in recent history was probably watching Christian score lots of hugs and pecks on the cheek from chicks that had just finished a midnight make out session with some random dudes who had simply had more gumption than Spot. Way to go Spotty. While the rest of us were ringing in the New Year, you were starting the “Dew Year” off with Dick Clark. Sigh.

It’s not like I’m not telling him to go out and have random meaningless encounters. No, that’s the voice of the two devils on his other shoulder (namely C&R). In fact, I’m telling him the exact opposite. I’m the angel on the other shoulder telling Spot get motivated, get confident, and find “the one” already. Enough with the shenanigans… or lack thereof.

If any man is going to put himself in the pure agony of attempting such a crusade, why not document it?.. Sure, it may seem shameless, but it’s all for the greater good. Christian Sorge is the everyday man. And this is his story.

On the Level Two is a compelling documentary, of one man’s journey… with two obnoxious friends, myself, and a film maker to Scottsdale Arizona for the 2008 Super Bowl. With the Patriots perfect season, Peyton’s family name, and Spots… “self respect”.. on the line, the city of Scottsdale was about to go down in history… or infamy. Sure, it won’t be nominated for any awards, but I assure you its more compelling than anything Jessica Alba has starred in lately.. aside from wearing a latex suit I guess… If you’re into that sort of thing. It’s more gripping than anything Spots had in a while. And of course, there are lots of laughs along the way.

Special thanks to C&R for letting me come along. To Christian for being a good sport and allowing me to join him on his quest. To Rob Cross and Maxim Radio for having me correspond during their live broadcast at the Maxim party. And last but not least, Sami J “The Director” for not only putting together an amazing film.. but also for his forgiveness in my shotty camera work.

So without further ado ladies and gentlemen.. I give you Part 2 of the adventure… “On the Level Part Two*.” Additional parts to follow.

* The parts are labeled kinda poorly, so make sure you watch Part 1 (1 and 2) and Part 2 (1 and 2) in the proper order. And by no means, watch this at work, in the library, or in the presence of small children as this film does contain vulgar language and possibly some nudity.. though.. certainly not on my behalf. Enjoy.*

On The Level 2 - Part 1 (1 of 2)

On The Level 2 - Part 1 (2 of 2)

On The Level 2 - Part 2 (1 of 2)

On The Level 2 - Part 2 (2 of 2)

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