Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gentlemen (:::cough::: and ladies), start your engines…

I returned to my roots this past weekend as I came home long enough to pet my cat, repack my suitcase, and let my parents know I am still alive. This week has me headin’ back home again to Indiana. It is after all where my father was born and raised.. so I guess you could call it home in some respect.

Though the city of Indianapolis has changed quite a bit since my father left for Miami, one thing still remains the same: the city’s love for the race. Much talk has been made recently over Danica Patrick’s first win as an Indy car driver. I guess men can’t fathom the fact that some of us can handle a car with some power behind it. (Hell, maybe one of these days I can convince them to let me drive one.) So with all these speculations looming, does she have what it takes to be the first female to win the Indy 500?... I guess we’ll find out soon enough as this year’s qualifying kicks off this weekend. Danica on the Pole??.. Well, that I’d like to see.

While I’m there on business purposes, I also plan on taking a day or two to myself to catch up with my buddy Will Carroll. It’s been a while since Will and I have gotten to hang out and catch a ball game.. especially since the FSU/Phillies game got called on account of some crappy weather. While there won’t be any baseball on the schedule, there will certainly be enough racing to go around… and around.. and around..

Jenn Sterger? Pole Day? Oh yeah, the bloggers are gonna have a field day with this one…

Be sure to check out footage from the field. I’ll try to get it up and posted asap.

Later guys, I got a plane to catch…

--Love always, Jenn

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Veritas said...

To start Jenn I’ve always believed that our home is where our heart lies.
You can go to NY, Indiana to any other part of your country or even any part of the world but if those that are important to you are within your heart any place can feel like home; you just have to put some effort into it.
Personally I have no problem seeing a women drive a powerful car, as long as she knows what’s she’s doing there’s no problem for me.
It’s true that more and more we see women starting to have more and more important roles in company’s, sports and even science.
You could even say that a very important day is coming to the world of women, as the Berlin wall fell down so too will the wall of gender discrimination be thrown down not only by the force of women but by the combine strength of both women and men.
Least face it, if the way of thinking of men didn’t changed over the years things most likely would still be in the same way it was for our mothers and grandmothers.
One could say the day of deliverance is coming, but that might sound a little too far stretched.
Seeing you drive an Indy 500 car should be at least allot of fun, I personally never driven one of those cars but a friend of mine races in the F1000 series and I’ve to tell you those are some though cars to drive.
One day he asked me if I wanted to go for a spin with one those cars, and initially I was super-enthusiastic but the moment I started to drive that thing I came to realize what being a true pilot means.
Not only are those cars tight as hell and the suit increases the temperature of your body, but drive a car that can go up to 190 miles/h and you cramped up in that tiny space and trying to control it, it was hard work.
I personally admire all those that can drive those kinds of cars, because I surely couldn’t, ok I only had one try, but believe me once you get that baby speeding you almost lose sense of the world around you, and the curves have to be perfectly timed or else your car was going to eat grass or worst.
Personally I’m more a surf or skydiving guy; sure the second one is dangerous and life threatening but it’s also the most liberating experience I ever felt, you should give a try someday.
And know with a beer in my hand I make a toast to all men and women that are doing their thing regardless of what other people might think.