Friday, April 28, 2006

On Rain.. The Animals.. and Why I still hate the Gators

Millie Vanilli said it best when they said “blame it on the rain”.. but even that wasn't a good enough excuse for Wednesday's game. The rain came down in sheets Wednesday.. twice. First before the game, causing it to start nearly 45 minutes late...the second time during the fourth inning. This time for real. The rain wasn't the worst part... it was the lightning. And it was everywhere. One bolt in particular sent the entire gator crew (who had been cheering and carrying on sans coach) hurdling to the back of their dugout... it was priceless.

There was no 'O Canada' which I have come to love. There was no 'Swing Low'. And there was certainly no joy in Dick Howser Stadium, as the lightning struck us out. The majority of the Animals left early.. but no sane person would have wanted to sit in a big metal box with lightning all around.

There were several highlights to the game on Wednesday night... unfortunately none were of the victory variety. I got a personal tour of Dick Howser Stadium and the labyrinth that lay below it, courtesy of Mr. Chip Baker (the Best Short coach of all time) and his adorable daughter Katie (and you too Mad Cow!!).

I got to see the video control room...where I was told, the cameras are ALWAYS on. (**Basically... don't try anything you'll regret seeing on video later, seniors even if it is your last year**). I got to see the coaches’ locker room, where I left some of the coaches’ inspiration notes and some magazines.

I got to see the uniform room where I tried on Buster Posey's jersey (OK, Animals, insert banjo music here!!!) :), the clinic, the locker room.. empty of course.. SIGH :( You name it. The most impressive part of the tour, besides getting to peek out the dugout (--NOTICE: I did not go into the dugout, per Keith Hernandez -- should he find this) was by far the trophy room. That was amazing. To see all the different awards, the parts of FSU baseball's history.. it was just breathtakingly cool :) I also took some pictures with some little leaguers that happened to stop by.. even though they were in the company of a gator alum. ;)

I also got the opportunity to meet one of the guys that started it all. He was with the camera crew that caught me the night ABC and Brent Musberger picked my girlfriends and I out of the crowd. It was a pleasure getting to meet him and the whole SSN crew.

I was especially happy to meet Gene "The Voice" Deckerhoff and Keith Jones. These guys made my night. I told Gene that I used to listen to him announce the Bucs games when I was younger while my dad was on the roof hanging Christmas lights (ala Clark Griswald.. and praying he would not fall off the roof). It's just one of those things you will always remember.. you know??

I also got to hang out a little with my good friend Joe Garcia. He is always so busy with all he contributes to the athletic program that he rarely gets a chance to sit down and take in a game. So it was a nice surprise to hang out with him even if it was just for a few minutes

And of course, no FSU sporting event would be complete without getting to meet FSU's greatest fan by far, President T.K. Wetherell. Ladies and gentlemen, after that, my job here at Florida State is complete.. I can now graduate a happy cowgirl! Or maybe stretch it out... one more football season.

PS....And.. as much as it pains me to say this. Congrats to the gators.. Your team played well, especially the guys in blue (and I am not talking about your players!) Just kidding. :) So.. live it up now guys.. We will meet again..


Anti-Social Socialite said...

good stuff Jenn.


Toker said...

That's cool that you got a chance to see all the baseball stuff...It's pretty neat.

Also, thanks for the voicemail. Sorry I didn't get out to see you guys at the baseball game, but Mom and friends are in town...couldn't come out and play...maybe we'll meet next week??

Flounder said...

Never give props to the gators.


SeanPatrick said...

Dear Jenn,

I came across your mailbag on I like your writing style. Nice, short story-telling. So, keep up the good work. Your pictures are okay too.


P.S. Don’t come down too hard on Keith Hernandez; he’s the only announcer my favorite team, the Mets, have, other than the short bald guy who anchors with him. Plus, he was in one of the greatest Seinfeld episodes, too.

Double J said...

Seems like you have been very busy as of late. Keep up the blog! Flounder is right. Never congradulate your worst rival. Thats like me giving props to the Michigan Wolverines. Gross.

Roger said...

Thanks Jenn for the "congrats". Hey if the garnett and gold or whatever the "U" calls those colors would have won it, then hats off to them. At least a Florida team won.

ManicNole said...

It's pretty cool that Gene Deckerhoff put his picture with Jenn on his front page and photo gallery of his website. Maybe an on-air visit during next football season, hmmmm?!?!?!? Jenn would probably sound a heck of alot better than P.T. with another, "I see you, (insert player name here)!!!" ;-)