Friday, May 12, 2006

Quick Moderator Update

Hey all,

Jenn's been really swamped these past few weeks getting ready for a busy May travel and appearance schedule...check out her News page for up to date details on these appearances. Last night she was in week she'll be up in NYC at various venues, so check back soon...she's already writing her next set of blog entries and will have them ready to post very soon.

Jenn has started doing some scouting for future cowgirls to be featured on So.. if you are a female between the ages of 18-25, send your pictures (swimsuit, modeling.. NON-NUDE!!!!), physical stats (height,weight, measurements), and some brief bio information to Applications will be screened on an individual basis. The pictures and information requested are for evaluation purposes only. They will not be posted on the internet or released to a third party. Finalists will be notified for further background screenings, etc. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!

Thanks for stopping in and look for new posts shortly!!


Alex said...

Jen is what is perfect example of a independant woman...

Chicago Bulldogs say hi to our favorite girl..


millionblogger said...

hey I dig your site ... great !

Check out my latest project. Promote your blog and donate to charity .....

Cam said...

Hey Jen,

Love your site. Glad to see someone else who enjoys blogging about sports and whatever comes to their mind. Hope all is going well and check my blog site if you'd like:

Cam Jones

Sipawitz said...

Hey Jenn,

You've been doing a lot of great work lately and really establishing yourself as an intelligent well rounded girl.
Can't wait to hang out again, sorry I missed ya in Cleveland