Monday, April 10, 2006

Quick update..check stores this weekend!!

Hey all, schedule has been nuts, time for a quick update...the Playboy edition should be out this weekend, I have heard in some newstands in the NY subways they have been selling it for a few days now...but check stores this weekend and it should be out...

I'll have a full update this weekend from the Garnet and Gold game..thanks again for the comments!!


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Pete said...

Playboy did you no favors, Jenn. The photo was too small, too dark and your hair and makeup were a mess. Where were the FSU colors and the big smile?

They messed it up. I hope we get to see you some other time ... and some of that booty too.

I'm a big fan, stay sweet.

james said...

hey jenn,
hows it going?
just wanted to know how you were doing.
you seem like a really nice young lady.
i tried to create a facebook profile to talk to you but my school wouldn't allow it.
well if u like a lot of attention then you should be happy with your national exposure.
if you do not then i am so sorry that you have to deal with it.
well i am a really nice guy who just wants to talk to you.
well maybe you want to know a little about me?
well i am active in sports but i mainly focus on basketball.
i play center for my high school but i like to play power forward and center. i was selected to the all star team but i couldn't make it due to the fact that i had surgery done.
i volunteer at an elementary school so i can be a better person.
i am in all four of my church choirs and i am a low tenor.
i also usher every fifth sunday.
i own four dogs and their name's are: dutchess (pitbull), bonnie (pitbull), otie (german shepard), and rocky (german shepard).
i am a very friendly person and my friends tell me i am very funny.
i am gonna go to college to be a personal chef and massage therapist.
i am 6 feet 3
198 pounds
brown hair and eyes
well i just want to talk to you so please e-mail me @


p.s. i didn't look at your playboy shoot because it is disrespectful and rude. you are beautiful just the way you are and you do not need playboy or any magazine to tell people that. people should respect you for you.
i know a lot of men and teenagers probably like you for your looks but i like you for you and i am serious to cause if you weighed like 300 pounds i still would be writing you.