Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let y'all know that I recently finished filming my first role in a major motion picture!

It's a horror movie called 'The Tenant' that should be released sometime later this year or in 2009.

It was a pleasure working with cast and crew, and the director Ric LaMonte was absolutely fantastic. Everyone made being on the set a lot of fun. It was really a great experience for my first movie. I'm really excited about it and wanted to get the word out. I'll be sure to update the blog with the theater release date as soon as I hear.

I've included some links below to their recently released official website, the teaser, and the movie's place on the Internet Movie Database. Also here is a direct link to some behind the scenes photos of me on set...

Hope you guys check it out!! And be warned...it's scary good...:)

The Tenant Official Website

The Tenant Teaser Trailer

The Tenant on IMDB

Jenn's page on IMDB


Here are some of the other cast members of Jenn's film...a pretty nice listing!

Starring J La Rose (Saw III, Saw IV), Michael Berryman, (The Hills Have Eyes, X Files, Devil’s Rejects), Bill Cobbs (Night at the Museum, The Ultimate Gift), Randy Molnar (Larry The Cable Guy Health Inspector, Contract Killers, This Man’s Life), Aerica D’Amaro (Steam, Misconceptions, Road Trip), John Kyle (Black Water, The Woods Have Eyes), Georgia Chris (100 Tears, Black Water) Sylvia Boykin (Recount), Justin Smith (As The World Turns), Ashley Totin (All My Children), and Miss Germany Miss Universe 2006 Natalie Ackermann.


I grabbed this from the Production Notes section of the website, be sure to keep checking back for more info:

Sat. July 5th 2008

Jenn Sterger was on set today, you may know her from her days as an FSU Cowgirl, or from her spreads in Playboy and Maxim. Jenn is playing a mental patient. In the film, Dr. Walter Newman owns & operates an asylum which is being torn apart due to his negligence whilst he works on his genetic experiments. Jenn portrays a mental patient that is deprived of medical attention who ends up lashing out at a fellow inmate. She is paving her way from magazine spreads & interviews into the world of acting. So all you Jenn Sterger fans….check it out. She’s got a killer fight scene in the movie.


Shane said...

This is rad! I can't wait to see it!

Bob Mantz said...


Our complete interview is up in one concise article now.


Let's Go Jets!

Bob Mantz

BobsBlitz said...


One of the biggest internet rumors about Jets Gameday host Jennifer Sterger was that she was fired from her job at Sports Illustrated.

She addresses it above.