Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Watch out!! Jenn's out and about this week!!


Hey all...just wanted to do some quick updates to Jenn's schedule as's been a very busy week so far, and it keeps getting better.

On Friday November 2, the crew from E! Entertainment Top 20 Hottest Women of the Internet was in Lutz shooting footage of a brand new photo shoot Jenn was doing for the special. After the photo shoot was complete, the crew moved back to Jenn's home to film her interview portion that will also run during the show. (Hopefully soon, I may be able to post some sneak peek photos I snapped of the event).

The rest of Jenn's schedule this week consists of the following:

November 5-7 - Jenn will be in Chicago shooting some new segments with Intersport for her Sprint Streaming Video features. I am told it will be a lot of fun and worth the wait!
November 7-9 - Jenn will be back up in NYC on business, and maybe a little fun..:)
November 9-10 - Jenn will be up in New Jersey on business as well.

As more details become available for appearances, I will be sure to update the blog accordingly.

Thanks!! Look for another entry very soon with links to the Sprint Videos for those that do not have Sprint video enabled phones.

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