Thursday, October 25, 2007

Two Exciting Announcements

ADMIN NOTE: Hey all...just wanted to update everybody about two very cool new things involving Jenn. I think everybody will be as excited as we are about this news!!

1) SEE (Sprint Exclusive Entertainment) Launches as Only Network of Original TV Programming On Mobile Phones - Jenn has partnered with Sprint Wireless to be an online host for their new network of original TV programming exclusively to Sprint video-enabled phones. You will be able to watch Jenn provide analysis on various sporting events across the country on your Sprint cell phone. This exciting opportunity has allowed her to travel to different cities in the past months, attending both college and NFL football games so she can provide her unique brand of pre-game and post game insights. I will try to update her blog as her travel schedule becomes available in the near future. So keep an eye open, you may see Jenn at an sporting event in your town soon. (Click on the link to view the official press release from Sprint). If you are not a Sprint subscriber, you can still most likely access pictures of Jenn, as well as her ring tones, on every major cellular carrier.

2) E! Entertainment's Top 20 Hottest Women of the Internet - E! Entertainment will be in Tampa in the near future to interview and shoot footage of Jenn for their January 2008 TV special on the Top 20 Hottest Women on the Internet. Since her first national TV appearance on Labor Day 2005, Jenn's popularity has only continued to grow. Her national appeal has not gone unnoticed by many others in the media. I know Jenn is extremely grateful to all of the fans that continue to contact her thru her email and other media formats. As more news and/or links on this become available to me, I will be sure to update the site accordingly.

Also, for those people who want to read Jenn's latest article (and her archived stuff) on NFL Gridiron Gab's site, here is the direct link to her archives.

That's it for now...Thanks everybody!!

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