Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Come hang out with me this Thursday night!!

Hey guys!! If you are in or near the Tampa, Fl area this Thursday night the 4th, come see me at The Slug Wine and Spirits Bar…It’s one of my favorite places to hang when I am back home. I’ll be there from 9 till 1am, and during that time, I’ve talked my friend Chris into $1 drinks for ladies and $5 call liquor all night! So start your Super Bowl pre-game partying early, and come by The Slug! Hope to see you there!!

The Slug - 12950 Race Track Road Tampa, FL 33626


Anonymous said...

Hello Jenn,
I posted before as an FSU Alumnus. I graduated in 08 with a master's degree. I wanted to say that you represent campus women who are more "down to earth" and "next door neighborly" and are nice to regular guys from campus. To me, that is positive. The women from the SI Swimsuit Issues sometimes seem really shallow - mega rich models who only date mega rich men. I have seen the news articles and stories of the models dating men twice their age because of wealth and fame (e.g. Jessica White/Sean Penn, Julie Henderson/Russell Simmons). Julie is infamous for her twitter and denial of gold-digging. But I doubt those old guys would get that attention if they were making <$20,000 per year and on Medicaid. So I actually prefer the college focus on campus women that some magazines portray. I'd rather look at a swimsuit issue of college women from the ACC rather than the hyperelitist, mega wealthy SI swimsuit models (e.g. Henderson, White, etc). The ACC has many beautiful women like you who are willing to interact with regular guys on campus, which is great. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Ha, good luck with that angle buddy!