Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Admin Update: 1-900-BALL-TLK -- Hot Sports Chat with Jenn Sterger

Yes, Jenn's alive and well. She's just busy rebooting. :) She'll be back blogging soon though.

This video from 12 Angry Mascots ought to tide y'all over for a little while longer:


anthony0358 said...

Sounds great Jenn
We want to wish you good luck and we hope that you had a great summer

Joey said...

Your ass better be washing all that fine Garnett and Gold clothing and getting it ready for Monday night!!

Anonymous said...

I am an FSU graduate. I want to say "Go Noles!!!" I graduated with a 2nd master's degree in 2008. I posted a couple of comments before. I am Native American (Apache) from a reservation in Arizona. Apache was my real language, and I am registered as "4/4." I never had a problem with the supposed "mascot" controversy. I know the Seminoles agreed to the use of the FSU symbol. I like their survival story in the Everglades. In Apache I would say "Seminoles bah lneeh." That means "The Seminoles are great!" By the way Jenn you are as beautiful as ever. Hope you enjoy the game on Monday. I live in Tallahassee and work for the state as a biomedical engineer with two master's degrees. I always enjoyed playing basketball at the Leach Gym and intramural league at Sully Gym. My friends want me to play again even though I graduated. Take care.