Monday, July 06, 2009

Introducing Cherry Bomb

Admin Update: Introducing Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is sexy, smart, confident, and above all, extremely motivated. Director Kyle Day and writer Garrett Hargrove didn’t just want an actress that could play the part, they needed an actress that actually embodies those qualities that define Cherry. She needs to be a woman that stands out in a crowd of thousands… and then kick everyone’s ass if necessary. We found just that kind of sweetheart…..

Jenn Sterger stood out in a sea of 50,000 people at an FSU game, and once she made her first impression on the world, she has not slowed down. Voted by E! as one of the 20 hottest women on the web, a talented writer for Sports Illustrated, featured in Maxim magazine, and with a huge online following, Jenn is one badass woman that now is taking on feature films with that same tenacity that made her a success in every other arena. With two pictures already under her belt, she gave us an audition that showed an incredible range of character and it left no doubt in our minds that Jenn Sterger is the woman capable of taking Cherry along her wild journey.

Cherry Bomb logline:
Its 1984. An exotic dancer named Cherry has just watched the five men who assaulted her walk free with the help of a corrupt police force. Seeing no justice coming from within the system Cherry enlists the help of her brother and they take the law into their own hands and seek justice on their own terms… one bullet at a time. But with a professional hitman after them and the police closing in, Cherry is forced to put herself and her loved ones in harm’s way to satisfy her need for revenge and her desire to end the corruption that is plaguing the city.

Cherry Bomb


Eison said...

Congrats & good luck!

cdias_md said...

I'll be first in line!

Burning Chrome said...

congrats jenn! sounds awesome! looking forward to its release!

Veritas said...

You're really standing out and leaving your mark.
Like Winston Churchill once said "Sucess is not the end, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to move on that really counts"
And we all can confirm that your courage has moved you to places you never dreamed of.
Good luck with this new challenge.

Fern said...

wow, congratulations, seems like new doors are being opened for you left and right. Lets hope the plot is not just a shallow piece of eye-candy and you are given the opportunity to show off the intellect and talent you have shown to have and not just your physique.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is look at HER cherry bombs. DAMN