Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4th Spectacular Video


Jenn joins Nick Stevens and a friend as they take a look at unique American sports such as cow chip throwing, beer pong, and of course hot dog eating contests.


OTM said...

Where do I even start? I guess we'll be seeing you on WWE. I'm speechless right about now.

Jenn this is why they won't take you seriously. Eye candy only gets you so far.

I might have to sleep on this one before I can give you a honest take on this. The guy didn't even put your name in the tags for the video.....

Hopefully the Noles season doesn't start off like this. I don't think Bobby will be able to make through the season after this performance.

Que Paso Nena?


Anonymous said...

Worst. Video. Ever.

It's not funny. He's not funny. Stay away from people that just want you to be eye candy.