Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Random Rant on Everything Sports

I found myself sitting at a Sports Bar on Sunday with a few friends of mine, ranting and raving about my true love. No.. not some silly boy… Sports. Most guys that meet me of course are skeptical. She’s a sham, it’s an act. They are the one’s who think that women who claim to "love sports" must be treated as spies until they demonstrate knowledge of the game and the ability to drink as much as the other sports watchers. While the second part of the equation has been nixed by my New Year’s Resolution, the first part has been proven time and time again. Anyone that has ever sat across from me at a sports bar knows this. Hell, I have actually interrupted a first date to do my fantasy baseball draft. Needless to say there wasn’t a second… but I did score a helluva’ outfielder. (Too bad I can’t say the same for my pitching. C’mon Zito.. get some frickin confidence!!!)

With baseball season in full swing and a hectic travel schedule to match… I can pretty much say that I haven’t gotten to enjoy as much time at the ballpark as I would like to. Naturally, baseball was never really my true passion (football is.. and always will be), but I have come to discover a new found appreciation for the game during my college years. There is something about college sports in general that just draws you in… the crowd, the atmosphere… the pants...:)

But seriously, I’d have to take college over pro any day. Call me sentimental… or a sap.. or just plain naïve, but I really do feel that college kids are the true athletes. They are the kids that are playing.. just to spend a few more days in the sun. Before there were high-roller paychecks, steroid scandals, and player strikes.. the game of baseball was America’s favorite past time. Now, the love of the game has taken the backseat to commercialism, “my paycheck’s bigger than your paycheck,” and all out tattle tale wars that would make even a kindergartner embarrassed. Getting a shot at the Bigs used to be a chance to spend every day of your playing career doing what you loved the most.. playing strictly for the love of the game: for the feeling of the leather in the palm of your hand, the grip of the bat at your fingertips, and the sound of a crowd that knew your name. THAT was what the game was all about. Somewhere, in the transition from college to professional sports, most people lost sight of this. I say… bring back the days where a trip to the ballpark meant something: where hotdogs didn’t cost as much as a gourmet meal, and you didn’t have to dip into your kid’s college fund to afford decent seats. Maybe then, I’ll give pro sports an honest chance. Until then, I’ll stick with my colors.

The other thing that has me seriously miffed this baseball season is the lack of enthusiasm for my home team, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. If I have to listen to one more stupid sports broadcaster blast my team, I might put a bat through the tv myself. In fact, one of the only smart pieces of journalism I have come across this season regarding the Rays comes from The Sports Guy himself, Mr. Bill Simmons. Simmons noted that the Rays are a young, and superiorly athletic team when compared to most franchises. If they played anything other than baseball.. a triathlon, flag football, hell.. even water polo.. they would KILL the majority of the big name franchises. Why?.. It all comes down to youth, and heart. Now, Simmons didn’t go so far as to take them over his very own Boston big leaguers, but he did say that he sure as hell wouldn’t want to see the two teams get in a bench-clearing brawl. Then again, if that wouldn’t get ratings and highlights coverage… I dunno what will. So kudos Mr. Simmons for recognizing these kids for having a trait that most teams nowadays would kill for (the heart part… not the Ultimate Fighting Championship part)… and we the people of the Tampa Bay area will continue to support our Rays… for better.. or for worse.

On a related matter, my boy Will Carroll… (and yeah.. I said “friend” - everyone that has been talking crap to poor Will.. saying he isn’t really friends with me.. ) will be on hand to talk sports, stats, and of course injuries with us in person at Tropicana Field on May 3. For more information regarding ticket specials, appearance times, check him out at Hope to see you all there.

And Will.. WHEN YOU READ THIS… I will fully understand if you chicken out on our RBI Tournament while you’re here. I understand it’s really intimidating to play someone that has learned from the best (Thanks DQ!), let alone.. how much you will hate your life should you be beaten by a girl.

Good News to Seminole fans everywhere.. the ‘Noles won their Spring football game. ::: crickets::: Yep, these are the jokes kids. If one thing was highlighted in this year’s Spring scrimmage, it was the ever so popular question of “Who will be at the helm of Bobby’s offense come opening game against Clemson?” Anyone with any knowledge of Florida State’s program knows that is has been aching for something new for the past six years or so. We don’t have to point fingers, or say what went wrong, only that measures have been taken during this past off season to ensure that things will be looking up FSU this year. The Seminoles have endured day after day of grueling practice schedules in Tallahassee’s early spring heat, so much so that our offensive line has shed an amazing 200+ lbs thus far.... Will someone get Rick Trickett in touch with the people at the Biggest Loser – Offensive Line Edition???.. I think he may be on to an amazing weight loss secret.

One of the last topics of discussion was of course poor Mr. Don Imus. At what point did his brain and his mouth agree that making THAT statement would be beneficial to his career? I understand the need to make jokes and humor, after all that is what the entertainment business is all about. It is quite another thing though, to attack someone based on their race and their heritage. Anyone who has followed my travels with SI this past year knows of my friendship with the kids from Jersey—The Scarlet Knights. Now, we may not have always seen eye-to-eye, but we have come to understand one another and find a mutual respect for each other in the sports realm. So … shame on you Imus. You disappoint me not only as a “responsible sports commentator”, but as a respectable human being as well. To the Lady Knights that endured, and defended themselves against such harsh, racist, and completely unnecessary remarks … know that this chick from Florida has nothing but the utmost respect for not only the way you conducted yourselves during the media frenzy, but your program in general. And not that Jersey needs any help.. but if you mess with the Knights.. well.. you mess with me too. I’ve got your back ladies.

This officially concludes my rant on all things sports for the moment… and sorry for all the randomness. But what can I say.. there’s so much sports… and so little time?.

Sterger. Out.

(Gee Thanks, Gary... Damn… I have been watching entirely too much American Idol.)


Gildorg said...

Wow... That was a lot of information to absorb. I guess it must be awful to have every relationship that you have with any male examined by every other jealous male out there...

Personally, not having the connection you have with the team... That far too much was made out of Mr. Imus's comments.

Hey, you changed the pics in your blog entry below! Who is the extremely lucky guy in the pic at your prom? Considering his head has now been chopped off... Perhaps he isn't so lucky...

In any case, CHEERS! Look forward to reading your next entry!

Oh yeah, and GO FLORIDA! (I am not much of a sports guy I am afraid...)

Miguel said...

Jenn, that's what I'm talking about, Boardwalk and Baseball. Orioles huh; Well what can I say? We didn't get to hook up in Wichita; I guess my travels were put to a halt by the Mrs. But I want to thank SI for putting the lil brother and you in the collage for Jenn X Road Trip. Yes Ogirri and the big hair. You were too generous with the marks you gave them.

It's always a good read and very refreshing to read your insight, there are a lot of guys out there who don't know how to show a girl a good time, even if it's with no strings attached.
There are many men out there who can’t handle the Fame and they begin to start hating the fact that you might get to friendly in photo ops! No wonder I didn’t make it to Wichita, MLOL…. I’m not advocating for men in this situation at all. He burned you, that’s very unfortunate and he wasn’t mature enough to handle the “Experience”. It’s quite upsetting when your in the public eye and your acting responsibly, you even stopped drinking (Knock on Wood) and this Storm still came about. In regards to the next “One” that comes through your life, make the initial process long and grueling, but yet rewarding so that there can be no confusion as to how top notch the “Next One” is. On top of that a lot of guys don't realize that women like yourself, in terms of that alter ego you refer to in some of your posts aren’t always on point with their Spidey senses!!!! When we go home were just normal people, even when you meet an up and coming celebrity. It's crazy at how there is this perception if your blog gets some ink that were stuck up or that what were doing this to make a name for ourselves for all the wrong reasons is totally inappropriate and wrong. (Everyone I’m not saying that I’m a celebrity, I’m just saying when you have a blog it’s open season on you in regards to it being a good idea and so on.)

I wanted to lend my support in regards to “The Storm” which can leave us out in the middle of the ocean as if were in the movie Castaway. When we’re on the road, our significant other can make us feel like Tom Hanks felt upon his return home. Were saved we come back home and it’s like we’ve been dead to them forever. It was a good thing that you had your moral support when you went to NYC to see Gavin. I guess when you work in a company with 82% women your bound to finally get what the other side thinks and then one can try to help those who need brotherly advice.

In your self assessment of yourself in regards to what you hope you’ll find and how you might never get there. One day it will happen for you and don’t ever change. I need to know birth order here in order to pull out some astrology and to see why it is that you feel that you have to bend over back words to keep those in your inner personal life close to you.

A discussion for another day, just contact me through my blog.

My take on “the girls” is if you had just your nose done then we wouldn't have this big issue about why you enhanced your self image. Everyone is different and it isn’t like you went the Pam Anderson route and you can’t throw the first pitch before a game because “The Girls” are in the way.

I'm just glad that we have a refreshing take on men’s sports from a woman. How many times have I heard the fellas say, damn she's beat up or she doesn't know what she's talking about????? We finally get the 1 in a million shot and of course the Nay Sayers can be very vicious.

I say that about Packer and Nantz sometimes watching College basketball or when I have the time to catch the Noles.

In regards to being the only Noles fan in Connecticut. You have to be at the opener at Clemson. You can roll with me, so we can show the Orange how were going to do it in 2007.

Let me get back to the pics though, you have to holla back when your in the Northeast though.
Eventually you will need a security detail 6'4 295 is enough to stop some crazed fans.

I can't believe however how you busted out the video game there and the BB card. What stats did you put on your card?

I want to say I was in Mets mode at the time as well as my brother when we took our pictures. Too bad they spent too much money importing that red wood for the boardwalk from Australia or else that place might still be open.

Unfortunately the Mets decided not to resign Straw back in 88 and it gets messy after that. I went back to the Yanks but never fully embraced Mattingly.

Well if I can say something in regards to the high sports IQ that comes from you, I can only hope that even though the in laws want the newest edition to the family to play the piano, dance and all of that.

I hope that one day she can be in the next crop of female sportswriters/journalists.

I guess I’ll have to update my blog now, so that you can see the little one....

As Always Safe Journey
Miguel “OffTheMeter” Rodriguez

elnasalboy said...

Hello!!! Kisses from Venezuela!!!! You are incredible Beautiful!! really!! no joke! jejeej

visite me!! of course in my blog!!

and learn a little about venezuela and my city!!

roothog229 said...

As always Jenn, your words say it all. Very good stuff (and I NEVER have doubted your sports knowledge!)

Jeffrey said...

Much love from Jersey. Come up and see us next year...West Virginia game? Go RU, Go Jenn!