Thursday, March 08, 2007

When Sports Worlds Collide

Well, sorta. I wanted to take a second to thank the Phillies for inviting me out to the Florida State/Phillies exhibition game. It was an absolute blast to be around so many Florida State fans and I am so proud for the thousands that showed up to support their Noles. It’s not everyday a college team gets a chance at the “Bigs” but I think our boys hung in there for the most part. I got to see friends that I hadn’t seen in forever (as some of the Animals made the trek down to Tampa) and the sea of garnet and gold was a breath of fresh air from the swamp of blue and orange I am continually surrounded by here. Congrats to Tony Thomas for hitting that Bomb on the third pitch of the game, and for his great season thus far. And to all the Noles that played their hearts out, as they always do. After all, that is what truly defines us as the great Seminole nation we are. Good luck the rest of the season Noles, and thanks for bringing a little piece of Florida State to Tampa for me!!!!!.. J


roothog229 said...

I expect the Noles to go very very deep in the postseason this year. FSU almost always has a great team..and getting the exhibition with the pros never hurts.

Jordi said...

I was at the game as well and did a write up on it. I know it's shameless self-promotion but you can read it here:


- Jordi