Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jenn-X Road Show Wichita State video is online on On Campus

Hey all...just wanted to post a link to Jenn's newest road assignment with is over, now it's time for basketball season!! Check out Jenn's visit to Kansas and the campus of Wichita State on the On Campus homepage...if it rolls off, check out the video links archive...

Next week, it's off to Oregon...what happened to warm weather locations??

Keep checking back for updates.

Roger - Admin

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roothog229 said...

Was glad to meet ya in's a pretty good atmosphere for a mid-major school. You definitely covered all the bases as a reporter, while having fun in character, so props for that.

Enjoy safe and take care.

PS - LSU is really slumping right now (2-7 and dead last in the SEC West), so def. stick more to the bars than the game, which will probably lack a lot of atmosphere. Of any school in the SEC (besides UF..or is that the other way around?) I'd look at Arkansas (19,200 rabid fans), or Kentucky (duh, I know) for atmosphere/student support.