Monday, August 14, 2006

Wear Garnet, Darn It!

I remember watching a televised Penn State game last year in utter amazement. Their student section was brilliant. There, in the cold of winter, they stood in nothing but white. Shirts, sweatshirts, parkas... it was all white. The die hard fans stood there in nothing but body paint and swim trunks. Individually, sure, they looked average. But put them all together in Happy Valley, and you had the most menacing looking student section since the Cameron Crazies.

Sure, there is plenty of Garnet and Gold to go around come game day. But what about that kid sitting next to you, with the camo on?... Or the Girl in Pink with "Nole girl" written across it. PUh-LeeZe!... We are not cheering for a deer hunting league here people!!! Nor is Florida State still called FSCW!!!.. What happened to wearing school colors? I am implementing a call to all students attending the game at Miami. WEAR GARNET, DARN IT!...

I was less than thrilled with the turnout down at the Orange Bowl for our bowl game against Penn State this past season. Maybe there were more FSU fans than I thought, but it was the fact that Penn States fans were so color coordinated, that they totally engulfed the stadium. The fact that some of our fans were wearing white didn't help too much either. I have been to the orange bowl people, and I have seen the white out. It is purely mesmerizing. Not to mention, extremely intimidating. It's something about an entire section of people moving to the beat of Zombie nation that gives a person there the chills.

Doak is known for its kick @$ student section. Time to take the Student Section @ Doak on the road with us to the beach, and downgrade these Hurricanes to a mere breeze. Bring back the noise spear. Amp up the warchant. A tiny section of the stadium just wont do it, but an entire army will scare the living daylights out of enemies, and get our boys "in the game."

Let's get pumped people!!.. This sets the tone for the rest of the season, and is without a doubt one of the most important games in the ACC conference every year.

For those students entering the lottery for tickets.. do us all a favor. If you register for a ticket... USE IT!.. How is a team supposed to get amped with an empty student section, or worse one that sold their tickets to the opposing team??? They play hard, so you can party harder.
This time.. no excuses. It's a night game.. so save your white shirts for the day light.

It's time to wear garnet, darn it. And.. as always.. Go Noles.


Jon said...

Hiya, Jenn. Thank you for embedding pics in your blog entries. It is really a great addition as it adds an extra dimension to your energetic form of writing...and to that--I hesitate to say that I am actually not much of a sports fan *shields face from multiple strikes* (lol). The reason why I mention this is because even so the passion with which you write about sports inspires even a non-sports fan like me with a sense of what it is all about: that unified energy focused one-pointedly on victory over any opposition and the undying support of a true fan which in a sense defines a much ignored facet of selflessness. Sometimes when one isn't particularly interested in something it can be a challenge to see its value. You have helped me to learn that there is depth and meaning in sports that I otherwise never would have known was there in such abundance. That is one indication of how you are an exceptional fan and an inspirational person. Peace to you always, Jenn, and may abundant blessings light your way.


Chris said...

As a Penn State student and former resident of Tallahassee, I can honestly say "thanks" for being so complimentary of us. :)

If that's the picture I think it is, that's the Ohio State game from this past October. Okay, so it was Fall, not Winter, but it was still really cold. It was a freezing drizzle most of the night and a lot of us (sans shirts) huddled in the space-heater-equipped bathrooms during halftime.

We don't do anything special (okay, so our local stores sell nothing but white clothes for a week). We just come out and support our team week in a week out. I'm sure FSU should have no problem doing the same, given what I saw when I lived there for a few years.

The white out at the OB? lol Yeah, we claimed anyone wearing white, even if they were an FSU fan. Furthermore, we travel REALLY well, and we don't have the largest dues-paying alumni base in the world for nothing. Now, this is not a knock against FSU, but it's just been my observation that FSU doesn't really "travel" like we do or Nebraska does. Maybe that's an issue?

I can guarantee that despite what OSU players said (who routinely play in front of 100,000+ people in their own stadium), they were intimidated by our White Out at Beaver Stadium. Oh, and Zombie Nation? We do that so much at the Beav they may retire it because of questions about the stadium's structural integrity! (I'm kidding...)

I won't go as far as to wish FSU good luck, but............ Thanks for the compliment. :) Nice to see our efforts being seen across the nation.

-Chris Grassi, PSU '09

White Dade said...

Because nothing screams "Miami" like scalping your Student ticket to the opposing team. That's just how we do in Dade.